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Why is having a coach important in your life? By Juank Cortavarría

In recent years, there has been an increase in different coaching schools with multiple techniques to help people or companies; This has been a product of the need of human beings to strive to be better every day.

Juank Cortavarria, as an ontological coach and marketing and Human Resources conferencist, puts a lot of emphasis on this topic, because he assures that it is important to have a person who can help you to be better day by day, he also reveals the secret, that great Part of his life has always had coaches who have helped him and opened his eyes to different problems and difficulties that he has gone through and confesses “Without their help, I would not have seen such a quick solution.”

With more than 40 training topics, hundreds of trained companies and thousands of people listening to his messages and conferences, he thinks that the value of the word and respect for what is said must be fundamental. Therefore, he invites people to motivate themselves to be better to seek help if they need it, be it from coaches or more qualified people on a specific topic, but never stop, something that he classifies “failure by conformity”.

Juank Cortavarría says that coaching is that tool that does not allow you to be satisfied with what you have in a good way, but rather that motivates you to improve yourself day by day. One of his favorite phrases is “You are capable of achieving the unattainable, trust yourself.”

With this, he invites us to want to improve ourselves and look for alternatives for continuous improvement, we invite you this August 1, 2020, through his Instagram @juankcortavarria to a free conference where he will talk about this and many more topics, with a community of more than 100 thousand entrepreneurs.

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