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Who is Juank Cortavarría the renowned Genius of Motivation?

Juank Cortavarría is a renowned Colombian businessman, speaker and coach, who was born in the  city of Barranquilla, but at an early age he moved to Pereira, a city in the center of country. There he grew up and did all his primary studies, and then returned to his “native Barranquilla.” At the age of 18 he started working as a sales manager for a company, and there he specialized as a Marketing and HR Lecturer. His entrepreneurial spirit made him quit his job at the age of 20, to set up his first company.

Juank Cortavarría says that in his first company the success was overwhelming, due to such rapid growth and high demand for its products, it needed a team experienced and administrative knowledge that he himself confesses, “at that time I did not have”. Resulting in the bankruptcy of his enterprise a year after its creation.

“It was a hard blow to see such a successful company in such a short time crumble through my fingers, but that opened my eyes to the fact that the road is long and I was just getting started. Juank Cortavarria.

In the years following his first failure, he dedicated himself to studying the and human resources of the companies, establishing itself as one of the best speakers to national level in sales and motivation. Working hand in hand with multiple companies in the national and international territory, created his personal brand Juank Cortavarría. In the need of transmit the message of motivating people, as it did at the business level, decides to train as an Ontological Coach, giving him those skills that he feels he “lacks” to to be able to reach people and serve them by generating positive change.

Currently, he is a consultant for several companies in marketing, sales and human resources. Also serves as a motivational coach for renowned entrepreneurs and influencers in the USA and throughout Latin America, positioning itself as The Genius of Motivation. If you like entrepreneurship and motivation we recommend you to follow @juankcortavarria at Instagram, already has a community of more than 100,000 thousand entrepreneurs.

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