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Juank Cortavarría, the coach of entrepreneurs and influencers reveals the secret of success

On several occasions we asked ourselves, what is the right path to take to reach success. Many times we feel frustrated because our results are not expected, and this can lead to desperation and unrest that causes more than 93% of entrepreneurs fail in their first year of business.

Juank Cortavarria makes it clear that people have a certain similarity to companies, and that the assets the more important it is to be, what you believe in and what you think about.

As Mozart said “The more I practice, I feel like I’m luckier. That is why he reveals that the success he has had has been the product confidence, in which despite the ups and downs, the same energy and thought of him is projected towards his success and that of others.

He tells how a friend of his, an important businessman from his home town, called him in anguish to tell him that I didn’t know what to do because I was about to go broke, and when I talked to him he he said there was a lack of trust in the decisions he had to make. In his conversation long and extended for 4 hours, they found the answers they didn’t see before.

Juank tells between laughs, that he was one of her first customers and it was gradually thanks to the voice to voice that entrepreneurs and great influencers from all over the Americas arrived, positioning him, as well as one of the best motivational coach in america.

You can follow the coach of entrepreneurs and influencers on Instagram @juankcortavarria! Amazing content!

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