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Juank Cortavarría reveals how an opportunity is born from failure.

Juank Cortavarría, one of the most popular speakers and coach of social networks with thousands of followers, reveals how to grow a chance of failure.

The speaker says he has been working since he was 18 years old, and is an expert in marketing and human resources, ontology coach and now, at 28, personal motivator. “I am very happy with the growth and acceptance of the community, because I feel that it has been a team effort, where people take off their blindfolds and are thirsty for more,” he says.

But he says that in his experience, in his many achievements, he has had many defeats, that have made him change his views on failure. Since he doesn’t see it as an abyss, but looks at it as a springboard for creating and designing. One phrase he uses is “Rebirth like the phoenix.”

Although many now classify Juank Cortavarría as a new influence, he feels that that label does not define him, and while he is deeply grateful to social networks for such rapid growth says that “You have to do things for yourself, and not to please someone else.”

He assures that there is great value in authenticity and that is just what gives him that empathy with people, that is why he proposes in his motto “Soul, mind and heart, the perfect team to achieve success.”

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