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IS QUARANTINE KEEPING YOU DOWN? Juank Cortavarría gives you 7 tips for this time of year!

Being at home in the middle of a pandemic crisis is clearly not easy. How can you feel calm and clear-headed in such difficult times? The Colombian Genius of Motivation Juank Cortavarría tells you 7 practical tips.

In a session of one of his last conferences, he mentions the practical tips for the lockdown and quarantine don’t blow your head off.

1. Accepting that the world has changed: When you manage to internalize that the world we knew is no longer the one we live in, you give off a great emotional and spiritual burden that overloading and limiting your thinking. The past stays behind, what matters is what comes.

2. Focus your mind: Due to the sudden change in our daily lives, many of our goals and targets have been faded or mitigated by lack of experience on how to handle the situation, so the advice is clear; Focus on what you want and work for them.

3. Get the trash out of your life: Eliminate everything that doesn’t make you happy. From that contact who posts stupid stuff on Whatsapp, or that “close friend” who doesn’t pass on anything positive for your life. It closes cycles that do not favor you for your future.

4. Limit your leisure time: Regardless of whether we are locked in, organize your day to increase productivity to the maximum of your goals. Don’t throw away your leisure time, but be very careful with them.

5. Value those who are with you: In times of crisis, you know who supports you and who does not. By that in this time reflects on who you can count on and who doesn’t give you nothing positive. Love and give yourself with passion to your own.

6. Act energetically: It’s proven that when we’re active and happy, we generate endorphins that cause the body to have a pleasant sensation. It starts from the change of positive attitude, physical training of at least 15 minutes a day and remember if you believe it, you project it. So believe it yourself.

7. Believe the best: If you don’t believe that goal, that purpose will be fulfilled, nobody will to believe, not even the closest ones. That’s why he believes in you blindly, you are able to achieve the unattainable. Never forget that you are the most important person in the world.

These and many more tips LIVE by Instagram @juankcortavarria! more than 100.000 followers.

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