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Interviews and Features: The value of honesty according to Juank Cortavarría

In recent times, we have seen a real change in the way we live as a result of the current pandemic. This has allowed us to appreciate the value of many things that we may not have seen before, including honesty and knowing who we can count on in difficult times.

“When you realize that there is nothing that people value more than a real, transparent and honest subject with himself, who transmits for what he is and not for what he tries to hide, at that moment the masks begin to fall off. interposed by ourselves, that instead of helping us stop us. ” In his conference, he also commented that respect together with honesty are cornerstones in personal improvement in all aspects because it opens the possibility to a world of tranquility and peace that cannot be built with lies.

He is very emphatic when mentioning that: “In these times you really see who is for you and who is not.” Because, in a crisis, the person who loves and values you for who you really are will stay by your side; For this reason, he proposes to change the way of seeing life as a closed cycle, if not to open the panorama for short, medium and long-term goals. “If you have a purpose, it is easier to achieve it.” He closes his training saying that this time should be used to improve as human beings, giving us the opportunity to grow and do what we like.

You can follow @Juankcortavarria on Instagram, it has a community of more than 100 thousand entrepreneurs.

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