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How to Use Your Fears? A life story of Juank Cortavarría

In their teens, people used to make many plans for future and careers, but only a few of them can follow their dreams. It may be a natural fact or their financial situation that people never following their planned steps and moved to another way. In our opinion, people need counseling and motivation to do something daring and unique. We are not saying that people should do something extraordinary, but sometimes, there is a need to break the monotony.   

Here we must mention a motivational speaker and business coach named Juank Cortavarría. He earned this respect and occupation with his positive attitude and experience in the business. Let’s gather some more information about him.

Early life:

Juank Cortavarría was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, but he grows up in another city named Pereira. His primary education was done there and returned to his born city. Here he starts a job at the age of 18 and also did specialization in the Marketing and HR Lecturer.

He was very young and full of energy; therefore, he left the job and started his own business. By luck, his products were selling alone, but he required management and other staff to maintain it so, he failed to continue the business. After this failure, he never lost anything but a lesson to provide business assistance and make himself a brand. Today, when we heard his name, the introduction must be in the following sentence:

“We have an Ontological and Motivational Coach, a Speaker and Entrepreneur among us today, Ladies and gentlemen, please give him a huge round of applause Juank Cortavarría.”

Current life:

Recently, he is only 28 years old and works as a sales, marketing, and human resources consultant in different companies and travels to many places to give a motivational speech to open the blindfold of the people. 

Some parts of his last conference:

Here we must add some points of his last conference in which he discusses the following points:

  • Accept the change

  • Always focus on your mind.

  • Never give any place to any trash in your life.

  • Put a limitation on the leisure time.

  • Value those who are with you

These are a few points that you must consider, and if you are interested in reading these points in detail, then you must click on it.

Social media presence:

Well, Juank is also active on social media, and you can also follow him @juankcortavarria. He is even mentioning his occupation on his account and actively uploads his posts so the people can join him there too.

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